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Roots of cow slaughter in India:1954 Expert Committee

Roots of cow slaughter in India:1954 Expert Committee

Roots of cow slaughter in India
1954 Expert Committee on the Prevention of Slaughter of Cattle in India
In 1954, the Government of India (Ministry of Food and Agriculture) appointed an “Expert Committee on the Prevention of Slaughter of Cattle in India”, which gave its report in January 1955.
Do you want to know committee’s startling conclusion?
Hold your breadth! 😀
In the very middle of the report, the Committee began to say that as we do not have enough fodder we cannot maintain more than 40% of our cattle. According to it, 60% of the rest had to be culled from the Indian Cattle stock, whenever possible.
Can you imagine the reason? There is no fodder so kill! 😀 Insane, illogical and fabricated!
Points to ponder upon:
1) It was Congress govt led by Nehru
2) Nehru was a meat-eater, specially beef-eater, a regular wine-drinker
3) He regularly took guidance from British Govt and queen even after 1947. It is documented fact that Kashmir mess was due to he asked Mountbatten to take decisions.
Connect the dots. Britishers did not want India to prosper so they promoted cow slaughter. Independent India’s slave rulers followed the same on master’s call.
गो भिस्तुल्यं न पश्यामि धनं किचिदिहाच्युत |
मै इस संसार में गौ धन के समान और कोई धन नहीं देखता हूँ|
सोना-चांदी और रत्न-मणि सब धन है केवल नाम का,
यदि है कोई धन जगत में गोधन है बस काम का…
भक्तार्थं विक्रयार्थं वा येऽपहारं हि कुर्वते।
दानार्थं ब्राह्मणार्थाय तत्रेदं श्रूयतां फलम्।।
विक्रयार्थं हि यो हिंस्याद्भक्षयेद्वा निरङ्कुशः।
घातयानं हि पुरुषं येऽनुमन्येयुरर्थिनः।।
घातकः खादको वाऽपि तथा यश्चानुमन्यते।
यावन्ति तस्या रोमाणि तावद्वर्षाणि मज्जति।।
( महाभारत , अनु० ७४/४)
गौ की हत्या करने वाले , उसका माँस खाने वाले, हत्या का अनुमोदन करने वाले लोग गौ के शरीर में जितने रोएँ होते हैं, उतने वर्षों तक नरक में डूबे रहते है ।
Please note: Those directly or indirectly, supporting or justifying beef import, usage, eating…are partner in the destruction crimes.
Well, that is what Mahabharata narrates.


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