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Bajirao Mastani


Facts about Peshwa Bajirao, which the movie “Bajirao Mastani” doesn’t describe

1. Bajirao never gave importance to caste. He promoted talented Maratha and Dalit soldiers in his army purely on merit. Similarly he never gave importance to religion. His battle with the Mughals remains restricted to his desire to end the Mughal tyranny.

2. It is said that when he received Maharaj Chattrasal’s letter (from Bundelkhand’s soldier & not from Mastani as shown in the movie) asking for help, he was having his meal. He left immediately & his soldiers joined later. He said “History would say that Bajirao was enjoying his meal & hence Chattrasal was defeated”

3. Bajirao is reported to have requested the Rana of Udaipur to become the emperor of India to head what he called ‘Hindu Padpadshahi’ (Hindu empire).

4. He is often compared with Napoleon Bonaparte by many great historians.

5. Bajirao’s decision to advance against Nadir Shah is said to have chilled Nadir Shah’s decision to attack Deccan & this cruel persian ruler who idolized Genghis Khan and Timur returns back to his country (The same Nadir Shah of Iran who looted and massacred Delhi and took the Peacock Throne and Kohinoor Diamond)

6. He spent 70% of his life with soldiers in camps, travelling & in battlefield. He ate with his soldiers.

7. He also died in a shamiyana (22nd April 1740) at Raverkhedi in Madhya Pradesh & his memorial exists there. People over there even today remember & respect him & call him as “Peshwa Sarkar” & his place as “Peshwa Sarkar ka Mandir”.

8. His premature death, due to super human exertions he underwent for the speedy realization of Hindu Padpadshahi, was a greater blow to the Hindu cause than half a dozen invasions of Nadir Shah.

9. After taking Kukshi fort when he advanced north & arrived at Mewar, Maharana Jagat Singh (descendant of Maharana Pratap) gave a grand reception to welcome him. Honouring him, Jagat Singh requested him to sit on the golden throne. In response to this, Bajirao Ballal sat on the silver foot rest. Everyone was shocked to see this. Bajirao’s explaination was that he doesn’t deserve to sit on the throne which was once Maharana Pratap’s throne.

10. Bajirao expanded the Maratha Kingdom beyond Maharashtra. (At its peak the Maratha empire included some parts of today’s Afghanisthan, Bangladesh and Pakistan).

11. It was he who was responsible for ending 800 years of Mughal dominance in the Indian subcontinent.

12. Shahu Maharaj had once said “ If I am asked to choose between 10,000 army men & Bajirao ,I will surely choose Bajirao”

13. Bajirao’s strategic warfare tactics are included in military trainings chapters of US army.

14. Bajirao was brilliant at charging bhala (spear). It’s said that his throw was so powerful that not only the horsemen died but also the horse used to get injured.

15. His enemies use to tremble hearing his name. For those who have seen the movie must have seen the fright on the face of Bangash Khan in the initial half of the film & then later on the face of Nazir Jung (Nizam’s son) in the 2nd half of the movie when they see him & the Maratha flag marching towards them.

16. This was when Bajirao went to meet Nizam who was then the most powerful ruler in south. When he was offered seat by Nizam, Bajirao replied that he will sit only with the Maratha flag on the background. Hence the Maratha flag was displayed on the background & only then he sat.

(I have written these points just as they struck my mind…They may not be in historical order .. I have much more to write…but these I felt were the most important points.. Please excuse)


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Rss Kailash Sharma's photo.
Rss Kailash Sharma's photo.


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