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Silent Revolution-Story of “MAATRU-BHIKSHAL”

This happened about 175 years back. Dhanya was a kind hearted 50 year old woman belonging to a low caste. She was seen talking to a five year old brahmin boy with great intimacy. It appeared as though she was seeking some obligation and the boy gave her a firm commitment.The lady left the place with her eyes moist.

Dhanya was a poor midwife who attended to the delivery of the boy’s mother when he was born.From that day she developed an inexplicable emotional bondage with the boy. She felt that he was all in all for her and he would protect her in times of need.

After a period of 5 years it was decided to celebrate the Upanayanam of the boy.The boy’s elder brother was advising the young boy about the implication of the ritual and advised him about the code of conduct.

‘Maatru Biksha’ is an important concluding ritual in Upanayanam during which the boy receives the first Biksha (a cup of rice)from his mother and gets her blessings first.Every mother feels proud of this event.

When the elder brother was narrating about this ritual, the boy said,”I will receive the first Bhiksha from “Dhanya” only. I have given word to her.”

Having come from an orthodox family, the elder brother alarmingly said, “It is great unorthodoxy & we will lose respect among the pundits in the village.”

The boy immediately retorted, “Brother, everybody including elders requested Lord Rama not to leave for the forest.But Rama had promised his father; and to keep up his ‘word’ he left the palace. In the same way I have given a word to Dhanya that I will treat her as my mother during the function.I don’t deserve this sacred thread if I don’t keep up my promise.”

Yet the brother was not convinced. The day arrived. With the auspicious playing of shehnai,among the chanting of the mantras, the function went on well. The elder brother thought the boy would have forgotten about the earlier discussion.The ritual “Maatru Biksha” was about to start.The boy’s mother and other ladies were ready to give ‘Bhiksha’.

But the boy with a small bag in his hand proceeded towards Dhanya who was standing in a remote corner with some rice and fruits to offer to the affectionate child.

While all the brahmin pundits were looking on and the ladies were standing in amazement, the boy prostrated before Dhanya and received the first ‘Bhiksha’ from a low caste woman, when untouchability was at its peak. Dhanya,with tears in her eyes, blessed the child, and this was her only desire in life.

While every one expected a hue and cry about the incident, but the chief pundit appreciated the child for the “Sathya Vaak Paripaalanam” and blessed him whole heartedly.

The memorable silent revolution took place in a small village in West Bengal and the boy was “GADHADHAR” who became popular as “Ramakrishna Paramahamsa”, one of the greatest sons of Bharat.

It is perhaps this seed of intimate love and affection, originated from a poor lady, that laid the foundation for the great”Ramakrishna Mutt” surpassing all caste, creed and religions in the world.


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