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Father had reached the office and got a call from the school!

Father had reached the office and got a call from the school!

A mam said in a melodious voice –
′′ Sir! Your daughter who is in second class,
I’m speaking her class teacher.
Today is parents teacher meeting. Report card will be shown.
You arrive with your daughter on time. “..

What would the poor father do.
Punctual of order… Immediately after taking leave, reached school with daughter from home.

Wearing pink saree in front of me, wearing small bindi, of new age, fair but very fast mam was sitting.

Papa could have said something before he almost scolded -” you stop now, I’ll talk to you differently. ′′ I’m going to be

Father looked at the daughter, and both of them silently went behind and sat down.

′′ Ma ‘ am seems very angry ′′ – daughter said slowly. ′′ Your report card is fine ′′ – In the same way, Papa also spoke slowly. ′′ I don’t know father, I didn’t see “- Daughter defended herself. ′′ I also think, today your mam will take my class with you. ′′ – Papa spoke while preparing himself.

They both were whispering to each other and then mam got empty and said – ′′ Yes! Now both of you also come.

Papa somehow reached to that honey chilly voice. And the daughter stood hiding behind her father.

Ma ‘ am – look! Your daughter has a lot of complaints, but first you see the copies and reports of her exam. And tell me how to teach it.
… Mam said almost the whole thing in summary..
Mam-first see the copy of English.. your daughter has failed.

… Father once saw the daughter, who was standing in a bit.. then smiled and said…
Papa – English is a foreign language. In this immortal, children do not understand their own language.

… this was enough to tease mam…
Ma ‘ am – nice! And look at this! This is also a failure in Hindi. Why?

… Father again looked at the daughter.. as if her eyes were saying sorry…

Papa – Hindi is a difficult language. Sound is based on. It is written as it is said. Now there will be no pure Hindi speaker in your English school…

….. Papa’s talk, mam said while cutting in the middle…
Ma ‘ am – well… so what about you and the kids who….

This time father said after cutting the words of mam..
Papa – I can’t tell why the children failed… I am….

Ma ‘ am teased and said – ′′ You listen to the whole thing, I mean how did the other children pass…”not fail”…

Well, leave this second copy, you see. Today’s children, when they are aware of the veins of mobile and laptop, how did your child fail in the computer?

…. Papa this time, looking at the copy carefully, said seriously – ′′ This is an age to read computer and use mobile. Kids should play in the field right now.

… Madam’s para was now on the seventh sky… She said while collecting copies -” There is no use in showing the copy of science. Because I also know that Albert Einstein used to fail childhood. ′′ I’m going to be

… Papa was silent…

Ma ‘ am again extended the complaint – ′′ She doesn’t stay in Displin in class, talks, noises, roams around.

Papa stopped mam in the middle and said with a looking eyes…

Papa – leave it all! You are missing something. Where is the math copy in this. Tell me the result of her.

Mam-(flipping) yeah, she doesn’t need to show.

Papa – Even then, when all the copies were shown, why did they remain the same.

Mam looked at her daughter this time and she removed the copy of mathematics from her heart.

…. Mathematics number, and was different from subjects…. 100 %…..
Ma ‘ am was still on her face, but Papa was in full enthusiasm.

Papa – Yes mam, who teaches English to my daughter?
Ma ‘ am-(slowly) me!
Papa – and who teaches Hindi?
Ma ‘ am – ′′ I ′′
Papa – and who teaches computer?
Ma ‘ am-that too ′′ me ′′
Papa – Now also tell me who teaches maths?
Madam could have said something, father stood up before that answer…
Papa – ′′ I “…
Ma ‘ am – (Jumping) yes know.
Papa-So who is a good teacher????? Don’t complain about my daughter again. It’s a baby. She will do mischief.
Madam stood up and said loudly -“”” Meet you both at home today, I take good news of both father and daughter “””!!!