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So we feel that rain water harvesting and lightning conductivity is a modern thing? Then explain this.

150 year old house in a remote village in East Godavari District. Every house in the village has a structure made of pure #Copper in the middle of the house. It has a #dome open to sky and a hollow #pillar which connects the dome and the earth. The houses were constructed in such a way that every drop of #Rain water falls on the house flows in to the dome and passes to underground water channels through the pillar. The water through underground water channels reaches to garden area and to underground water tanks. And the water conserved in the tanks can be reused for the household purposes. And I was wondered to know that these copper structures also safeguards the houses from #thunderbolts during heavy storms.

We should bow our heads to our #ancestors for devising such complex techniques to conserve the natural resources.

Re-educate yourselves. Learn past traditions and surprise yourselves🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃


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