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An interesting find I had once while going through some family papers. A Stamp paper document of some family property made before Independence when the Maharaja ruled.The Maharaja claimed suzerainity not only over Jammu and Kashmir but Tibet as well. This stamp paper head says “Shri Ramji Sahay Jammu Kashmir Tibet Aadi Rashtriya Stamp” which kind of means “By the grace of Lord Rama……….”. The bottom part of the stamp has the value written in Dogri in Takri script, Hindi and Urdu.The Tibet reference was largely to what we call Ladakh which was conquered by the Sikh/Dogra Army in the name of the Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh led by the indomitable General Zorawar Singh who was immortalised when he fell on the battlefield on a cold day while on his campaign to capture Tibet. The Fort named after him still stands in Leh.


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