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Indira Ghandy herself created the Frankenstein monster of Khalistan

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale was in fact brought into politics by Zail Singh, the absolute shoe shiner of Indira Ghandy, then CM of Punjab and a Congress agent of repute. With political and financial assistance from Indira Ghandy and Zail Singh under the then Congress (I) purpose being to destabilise Akali dal and reduce Akali Dal’s influence. Along with putting schism between Sikhs and Hindus. The active influence behind this move of Congress was Sanjay Ghandy because after fighting elections on 40 seats out of 140 seats for SGPC (Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee) which Bhindranwale lost, he campaigned actively for Congress (I) in 1980s this was the time when Bhindranwale has totally gone out of control. Below photo is the proof of how Congress tried to divide India for its petty political gains.
Sikhs were chosen as they were a true minority, unlike muslims who were Congress vote bank. Through divisive policies the greater hindu family was divided and militancy was allowed to take roots. Pakistan took advantage of this schism to bleed us through a 1000 cuts.
Things deteriorated quicker than anticipated Op Blue Star, Consequent Militancy and Assassination of Mrs Gandhi.
Wounds were further deepened under the leadership of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, who purposefully closed his eyes or directly abetted the genocide from the PMO the lynching of thousands of innocent Indians whose only crime was that they were Sikhs.
Through these tragically tumultuous decades, Nehru-Gandhi dynasty held true to legacy of loot, glorification of poverty, cronyism and License/Permit Raj. Nation suffered irreparable damage to its psyche. Poverty was India’s defining character and Inferiority complex grown in every Indian citizen was our emotional status quo.


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