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Do you know who was commanding warship INS Delhi at that time.

Commodore Ram Dass Katari who later became Chief of Naval Staff.

The first chief of Naval Staff after independence.

Later his son in law LN Ram Das too became Chief of the Naval Staff.

Lot of people may not know that Admiral LN Ramdas and his wife are extreme leftist and founder of AAP. Admiral Ramdas served as aam aadmi party’s internal lokpal too.

His wife Lalita Ramdas was a chair person of NGO Greenpeace which is banned in India as they were involved in anti india activities and thier funds were used for anti national activities.

His daughter Kavitha Ramdas also AAP founder is married to a Pakistani Zulfiqar Ahmad and is senior advisor to the Ford Foundation’s president, Darren Walker.

She assumed the position in 2015 after serving for 3 years as Ford’s India country representative, representing the office in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The entire family is at the epicentre of breaking India forces.

Now you understand how under a planned strategy AAP was founded how Anna hazare was used, how Kejriwal was awarded megasaysay award. Everything was scripted and fund arranged by Ford foundation.

That is why sir when you dig them deep you understand where lies the epicentre of breaking India forces.

It is very very difficult for a common man to understand these conspiracies of various groups / parties / lutiyan gang and are taken for granted by them by creating false Narratives.

The innocent gullible citizens who don’t know these conspiracies to break india to weaken India are used to destroy thier own beloved nation by these type of groups, NGO and parties.

Jai Hind

Misuse of Power.

26th Dec 1988 and the Prime Minister and Congress President Rajiv Gandhi planned a ten-day holiday at Bangaram Island.

The Lakshwadeep Archipelago consists of 30 islands of which Bangaram is one, an uninhabited island, covering a mere half a sqkm.


The Indian Navy’s aircarft carrier, INS Virat picked up the holiday-goers from Mangalore & sailed them to Karavatti, the capital of the Lakshwadeep Islands.*

Let that sink in.
Not a luxury cruise ship
Not a hired, private yatch
Not a plane
But Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier.
An aircraft carrier is not an ordinary ship; alone on the seas.
It is a warship that serves as a seagoing airbase.
It is the capital ship, heading a Carrier Battle Group, requiring exceptional protection for itself.
A vulnerable aircraft carrier is a useless white elephant.
The security for an aircarft carrier is a layered, in-depth protection against all conceivable threats at sea.
An outer-most layer of aircraft on airborne early warning, surveillance & air defence tasks.
The next layer; anti-submarine patrols by ships as well as specialised
aircraft / helicopters.
Another layer of destroyers & frigates, specifically for anti-air, anti-missile, & anti-submarine tasks.
The inner-most, close-in-defence by the systems on the carrier itself are needed.
In this case, a submarine was rumoured to be lurking around too.

The holiday-goers list included:
The PM, his Italian-born wife & 2 children,4 friends of Rahul & Priyanka Sonia’s sister, husband & daughter.
Sonia’s widowed mother Sonia’s brother, Sonia’s maternal uncle.
Amitabh Bachchan’s wife & their 2 kids
His brother Ajitabh’s daughter.
Wife & daughter of *Birendra Singh, brother of former Union Minister, Arun Singh.

A total of:
6 Italian nationals
2 unknown foreigners
14 Indians (including Sonia who had surrendered Italian passport 5 years earlier)
On a joy-ride on the Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier
Bangaram is an uninhabited island.
So, everything was set-up from scratch.

An Administration helicopter ferried to the party,
The Society for the Promotion of Recreation, Tourism and Water Sports (SPORTS), a wing of the Lakshadweep administration was at their service.
A temporary farm with 100 chickens was set-up, two cooks worked full-time, under the personal supervision of the Gandhi’s personal cook.

Crates of liquor were brought from New Delhi, cold drinks and drinking water suppplied from Karavatti.
The island’s choicest fruits.
There is nothing wrong in a Prime Minister taking a break from his/her hectic schedule. The US President at Camp David and Putin’s shirtless escapades come to mind.

Contrast this with our current PM, who has never taken a holiday, sleeps on overnight long-haul flights.

It is in the manner in which virtually the entire State machinery was exploited & security compromised that raises several questions and reveals why the Gandhi parivaar, their scions feel they are entitled; that the country owes it to them to take care of all their needs.

The sight of an entitled Prince celebrating his birthday on board a Chartered Aircraft with his sis, mamma & granny, then PM, pales in comparision to the Bangaram holiday.

The sense of entitlement, that put the State machinery to be at their beck and call, is mind-boggling.

Was there an outrage on the use of an aircraft carrier for a joy-ride?

Who at Naval HQ agreed to divert an entire aircraft carrier for ten days, for private use?

Why did no one object to the presence of foreign nationals?
Who were the 2 unknown foreign nationals?
At least now, hard questions should be asked.

Admiral J G Nadkarni passed away in 2018 but Navy records should reveal how the decision came by.

What security checks were made of the foreign nationals?

What was the occupation of the foreign nationals?

Was Q among them?

After the vacation, the group dispersed separately, with Rahul & Rajiv going back from Karavatti to Mangalore on the INS Virat.

The Gandhis are entitled to an immense sense of entitlement because, we the people of India, have placed them on a pedestal based, merely because of who they are born or married to.

Till now, we have believed that it is OUR privilege & their right to be on that pedestal.

So, don’t begrudge the arrogance of Rahul & Priyanka Or their hate towards Modi & his new India.
Deprived of an India as their private jagir With its snake charmers, riverboat safaris, dinner with the natives, temple-hopping & other exquisite entitlements.

We, the people of India, have given them that exalted place.
And it is time, to change that

Our leaders MUST earn our respect,
MUST work for the privilege to represent us
And when they do, it is not a gravy train to enrichment
but an opportunity to serve

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