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How #Israel & #India helped each other during big wars;  #Israel has always been our secret friend 🙏
1. Text books in Israel praise Indian soldiers who freed #Haifa city from #MuslimTurks. Most of us in India don’t know this (1918)
2. Nehru, the dumb rose guy, voted against the formation of Israel, but begged for help from Israel in #IndiaChinaWar (1962). Israel helped us.
3. Israel provided military assistance to India in #IndoPakistan War (1965)
4. India helped Israel during 6-day war in (1967) with spare parts for Mystere and Ouragan aircraft as well as  AX-13 tanks
5. Israel provided military assistance as well as Intelligence support to India in #IndoPakistan War (1971)
6. After destroying Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israel wanted to bomb #Pakistan nuclear facilities at #Kahuta in 1980s. But, #IndiraGandhi refused.
7. Israel did not condemn India’s #PokhranII nuclear test. US & other countries raised sanctions against us. But Israel stood by us.
8. #KargilWar, Israel quickly provided India with necessary laser-guided missiles for fighter jets. Due to efforts & help from Israel intelligence on Pakistan positions in the mountain ranges, #IndianArmy recaptured #TigerHill
9. #MOSSAD helped #RAW to setup Networks in the world. Both work together. MOSSAD also shared information & acted as advisors to India during 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorattack by #PakistanTerrorists
10. Israel provided its best intelligence #Mossad to protect PM #Modi during #G20 Summit in #Turkey
11. Israel helped India in every war, even when both countries didn’t have diplomatic relations in 1962, 1965, 1971



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