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Read how Idols of Hindu gods were replaced with dead body: Story of a Temple turned into a tomb

Read how Idols of Hindu gods were replaced with dead body: Story of a Temple turned into a tomb
Have you heard of the word Mausoleum? What comes first to your mind? Most people believe that a Mausoleum was built in the remembrance of a brave warrior, able administrator and so on. This brave warrior had worked day and night to uphold his citizen’s rights and so on great thoughts run through our mind. But the reality is that these Islamic invaders destroyed temples, raped woman, killed millions of Hindus, looted our country and finally erected a tomb in the temple and called it a “Mosque or a Mausoleum.”
So let us talk of one such Mausoleum. The tomb “Sultan Ghari” which lies 6 km West of Qutub Minar in Delhi is the resting place of Prince Nasir’uddin Mahmud, the eldest son of Sultan Shamshuddin Iltutmish of the Slave Dynasty. His dead body rests in the same place where at one time Hindu Lords were worshipped. This tomb is said to be built in 1231 AD.
Is Idol worship permitted in Islam? This question arises in the mind when you visit this tomb. Carved symbols of animals, Shiva Linga and Sanskrit inscriptions are widely found on the ceilings.
Figures of Kamadhenu are found on the beams of octagonal crypt. The celestial cow and the Varaha, the wild boar reincarnation of Lord Vishnu is also present in the tomb.
History says that Prince Nasir’uddin Mahmud was appointed as the governor of Lakhnauti province which was later merged with province of Oudh with Bengal and Bihar. This made his father to give him the title the “Malik-us-Sharq” i.e. King of the East.
It was not even 18 months of his appointment that he was killed in the year 1229 AD. Iltutmish ordered to build a tomb in the remembrance of his son. The Kingdom was ruled by Razia Sultana from 1236 AD to 1240 AD after Iltutmish’s death.
The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is never bothered to bring of the truth of these monuments. Some historians say that workmen may have built the tomb as they were Hindus. Now this is hilarious. Will a mason construct a house as per his wish or the owner’s wish? Let the readers decide this. “Sultan Ghari” is a first Mausoleum built in India by destroying a temple.
In simple words it can be concluded that it was a Hindu temple which was destroyed by brutal invaders. If anyone raises his voice that it was a Hindu temple, then seculars will pounce on him and label him as a communal. This is what happening from ages and it may continue further unless a herculean effort is put from all sections of Hindu community to unearth the truth.
How can we allow someone to burry a dead body inside a temple? Is Hindu community so weak that our own identity is being snatched from us and still we sit silently?
Source: Sanskriti Magazine
Vikrant Raj


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