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​Arundhati Roy’s 

Arundhati Roy’s mother was a Keralite Christian . Her name was Mary.

She was working in Metal Box , Calcutta as Secretary and met Mr. Roy, a Bengali Hindu who was also with Metal Box, Calcutta. They married and Arundhati was born to them.
Mr. Roy’s elder brother, Mr. P .L Roy, is the father of Prannoy  Roy of NDTV. 

P L Roy too married a christian woman who was wicked enough to make him convert . Or should we say P L Roy was fool enough not to see her hidden agenda. 

That’s how Suzzanna Arundhati Roy  and Prannoy James Roy were born and are first cousins. 
It is interesting to note how both Prannoy (James) Roy and  (Suzzanna) Arundhati Roy have kept their christian names hidden from public and work on a Anti Hindu propaganda and agenda together under their alias Hindu names to deceive Hindus !
Via Sanjana Chopra



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