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Jain Saraswati: Displayed in British Museum.
*** In Jainism Saraswati recognized as Supreme Deity of Knowledge and Wisdom.
*** The various Jain texts mentioned about the different name of Saraswati such as Shruta-Devata, Bharati Sarada ect.
*** As Shruta-Devata, She Presides over the Shruta or Preaching of Tirthankara.
*** The antiquity of the worship of Saraswati among Jain community was very popular from very ancient times and it can be established from literary as well as archaeological evidence.
*** Mathura, Bharat is the place from where the earliest of Jain Saraswati was discovered.
*** The earliest extant image of Sarasvati, dated 132 C.E. also belongs to Jaina tradition is now housed in the State museum of Lakhnau (Lucknow), U.P. Bharat.
*** Rajasthan is one of the most important places of Jainism where it spread from very early times. Among the two sect of Jain community Shwetambara section has more popularity in this region. A good number of Jain art and architecture are observed in this state. Saraswati the learning goddess of Jainism were also acceptable in this region and Her sculpture are there in different temple in discard form.
*** Image Details: A Marble Image of Sarswati, is Probably from Southwest Rajasthan at Present Displayed in the British Museum.

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