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My Name is Khan – I’m not a Terrorist .. ???

My Name is Khan –  I’m not a Terrorist .. ???

Shahrukh Khan feels extreme Religious intolerance in India just 5 days after he got a third summon final warning to be present during the proceedings by Enforcement Directorate for the alleged Forex violation related to his ownership of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. ED had questioned Khan once before on the KRSPL deal, which allegedly involves a forex violation of around Rs. “100 Crores”., by SRK.

27th October: SRK gets a 3rd ED notice, a final warning .
2nd November: “There is extreme intolerance in India” – SRK

Peacefuls, I tell u. What a Coincidence….!!!     ;-P  ;-P ;-P

Well here’s a quick guide on how Shah Rukh Khan can return his 8 procured Filmfare awards to protest against intolerance in India:

Award 1 – Return your award for having yourself banned at Wankhede Stadium due to your own arrogance abusing the poor security guards doing their job.

Award 2 – Return your award for being summoned by enforcement directorate for Forex Violations of around Rs 100 Crores., it’s the money of the tax payer , your stupid innocent fan you are trying to loot .. !! Here’s the proof of the ongoing allegations :

Award 3 – Return your award for getting caught when he was illegally selling kerosene in 1993. Shah Rukh Hoarding Kerosene ??? Yes , Shah Rukh Khan was arrested in New Delhi on 19th May on charges of hoarding kerosene and was released soon thereafter on bail. The alleged hoarding was done by an agency company owned by Shah Rukh’s late mother. The actor had, after his mother’s death, applied for transferring the agency in his name.

Award 4 – Return your award for being involved in the sex determination of his 3rd baby Boy AbRam prior to the birth. Well, I think, if the star so badly wanted a male baby, he could have adopted a baby boy through one of the orphans.

Award 5 – Return your award for being raising funds for floods in Pakistan but going Abba-Dabba-Jabba when floods demolished India’s Uttarakhand.

Award 6 – Return your award because BMC demolished the illegal encroachment near your posh bunglow , where you encroached the public road as Parking space .

Award 7 – Return your award for fooling people with your advertisements “Fair & Handsome” and “Lux” for merely personal gains of minting money. or  Return it for his failed attempt at porn in bollywood with his erotic thriller “Maya Memsahab.”

Award 8-. Return your award  for being strip checked at a US Airport due to alleged links with the underworld Terrorist  Dawood Ibrahim.

BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy has exposed bollywood star Shahrukh Khan’s connections with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Swamy in an interview to a media house put what he knows about bollywood’s relations with the country’s most wanted criminal.

Answering a question Swamy said that Shahrukh Khan was not stopped in America’s airport because of his surname-Khan. Rather the US agencies had the phone records of bollywood actor which states that he had constant phone interactions with the international criminal and interpol’s wanted Dawood Ibrahim. Swamy said that US agencies in Fort Meed, Maryland have investigative database of all the phone calls worldwide.

These databases are fed to FBI and other US agencies. On the basis of his call records with Dawood Ibrahim, Shahrukh Khan was held at the airport. But SRK was so scared of the exposure of his dawood links that he gave the enitre drama a angle by saying that he was held because his surname was khan. This also worked for his then upcoming movie ‘My Name Is Khan.’ Swamy also said that one has to get clearance from Dawood in order to become an actor in B-Town

We never showed Intolerance when Awards were bought by you.

We Indians had purchased your every movie ticket even if your movies were much hyped, actually super flops , yes with the exception of only some.

We Indians don’t know that ED had given 3rd notice to you on Sharda Scam and KKR involvement in it and Hawala Transaction for Bangladeshi but still are trying hard to show you proof of tolerance.

We have seen actors Askhay Kumar donate  for serious causes, he donated a sum of Rs. 90 lakhs to drought-hit farmers in Maharashtra and Rs 50 Lakh for Water Conservation Scheme. But Akshay Kumar expressed his reluctance to talk about his charitable act. Even our own Nana Patekar’s generosity with the draught situation in Maharashtra is very well known and appreciated. These people may not be as popular as you are , but frankly  you are not even half a good as them when it’ comes to being generous & being human.

Mr. Khan …how much have you contributed towards your own State or your own Country ..???  Or do you plan to loot the country first , and then thrown some pieces as charity , to glorify yourself… ?? We are waiting to see the good human doing something for the country first , then maybe you deserve the right to lecture the country regarding Intolerance…???

Is your generosity only limited to the traitor Pakistani’s , while all you do is only tweet for the poor Indian farmers ..!! I’m not a stupid & innocent fan of yours who will foolishly & blindly endorse your SRK brand. I respect the person who does something for the country like Dr. Kalam …!! So please don’t bring Religion into all this .., some people follow &  adore you for your acting , but not for what crap you preach ..!!

We literally feel that you should stand naked just like they stripped you at the US Airport, maybe then you will understand “How Tolerant we are” ???

You are a lying, selfish Hypocrite … !!