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Raja Ram temple in Orchha

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Raja Ram temple in Orchha

King Madhukar Shah was a devotee of Krishna, his wife was an ardent devotee of Rama. The clash in devotion and deities apparently created a rift between the couple, when the king demanded that the queen return from her pilgrimage to Ayodhya with her deity in tow, but in the form of a boy. Faced with a choice of never being able to return to Orchha again, the queen fervently prayed to her God.

Her prayers pleased Ram. He agreed to come back to Orchha with her in the form of a boy, but on a condition – he will not move from one temple to another; but will stay where she initially houses him. The sight of Ram as a child pleased the king that he agreed to build a temple for him, while the deity was worshipped by the queen in her palace. When the temple was eventually ready, the deity refused to move but remained in the queen’s palace which eventually became the Ram Raja temple. Ram is worshipped not just as a God, but as a king as well and his temple resembles a palace. And the temple built by the king is the adjoining Chaturbhuj temple which towers around the monument.

The temple is an interesting fusion of modern architecture in an ancient palace with shrines scattered around. They simply do not blend although religion and heritage meet right in the heart of the town. All the other monuments in Orchha crowd around the Ram Raja temple. The courtyard is now an open bazaar selling anything from sweets to knick knacks. The cows stand stubbornly in your path, accustomed to being worshipped and fed. The tiled flooring inside have become shelters for devotees who prepare to sleep.


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