Posted in भारत का गुप्त इतिहास- Bharat Ka rahasyamay Itihaas


PAKISTANI HISTORICAL BOOKS : According to Hussain Haqqani, only officially published textbooks are used in Pakistan’s schools and colleges since the era of Ayub Khan. This is used by Pakistani government to create a standard narrative of Pakistan’s history. During the rule of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq a program of Islamization of the country including the textbooks was started. General Zia’s 1979 education policy stated that “[the] highest priority would be given to the revision of the curricula with a view to reorganizing the entire content around Islamic thought and giving education an ideological orientation so that Islamic ideology permeates the thinking of the younger generation and helps them with the necessary conviction and ability to refashion society according to Islamic tenets”.

According to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, since the 1970s Pakistani school textbooks have systematically inculcated hatred towards India and Hindus through historical revisionism.There is no mention of Islamic invasion and conversion of Hindus. Many texts give an impression that ancient Indian heritage was not destroyed by Afghans and Turks but Muslim heritage was destroyed by Indians, which contradicts the theory of mainstream historians.


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