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Madhubani is a town and a municipality in Madhubani district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the district headquarters. It lies 26 km northeast of Darbhanga town and was part of the erstwhile ‘Bettiah Raj’. Internal disputes and family quarrels divided the Bettiah Raj in course of time. The Madhuban Raj in Madhubani was created as a consequence.[1] The word “Madhuban” means “forest of honey” from which Madhubani is derived, but sometimes it is also known as “madhu”+”vaani”, meaning “sweet” “voice/language”.[2] Madhubani is the cultural heart of Mithilanchal, being the birthplace of many literary people and home to Madhubani Paintings.It is said to be that Madhubani is the world’s second city who adopted democracy. The Madhubani district is situated at height of 58 meters from Sea. North :Hill region of Nepal South :Darbhanga East  :Supaul West  :Sitamarhi • Madhubani occupies a total of 3501 km2. • Main Rivers are Kamla, Kareh, Balan, Bhutahi Balan, Gehuan, Supen, Trishula, Jeevachh, Koshi and Adhwara Group. • High Flood Level is 54.017 m. • Whole District is under Earthquake ZONE 5. • Total Cropped Area – 218381 Hect. • Barren /Uncultivable Land – 1456.5 Hect • Land under Non-agricultural use – 51273.24 Hect • Cultivable Barren Land – 333.32 Hect • Permanent Pasture – 1372.71 Hect • Miscellaneous Trees – 8835.90 Hect • Cultivable Land – 232724 Hect • Cropping Intensity – 134.23% Madhubani Town is located at 26°22′N 86°05′E / 26.37°N 86.08°E / 26.37; 86.08.[3] It has an average elevation of 56 metres (183 feet). As of 2001[update] India census,[4] Madhubani Town had a population of 166,285. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Madhubani Town has an average literacy rate of 60%, just above the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 67%, and female literacy is 53%. In Madhubani Town, 16% of the population is under 6 years of age. In earlier times[when?] there was a landlord named Babu who was the OWNER of all of the estate of Babubarahi. Consequently, it is now known as Babu Barahi. There was a ancient king known as GANGERA, whose palace found under the agriclture field at the time of excavation of canal joining Jaynagar and Saharghat. where that his palace found known as Gangaur and name of this place also derived from king name. The palace of king Janak of Janakpur and father of lordess Sita is 12 km from gangaur. most no of ponds in madhubani. Maithili has highly developed literature. Madhubani has produced several authors in different fields. Vidyapati wrote collection of poems known as “Padabali”. Dr. Jaikant Mishra wrote History of Maithili literature. Mukund Jha Bakshi wrote Mithila Bhasamay Itihas, a first historical book in Maithili.Madhubani has been a center of learning from ancient time and it retains that position even now.


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