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‘Haran’ In Turkey Shiva Connection To Mesopotamia

‘Haran’ In Turkey Shiva Connection To Mesopotamia

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I have been studying archology related information, Astronomy to seek information about the spread of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world.

And I also check the Linguistic affiliations along with Cultural similarities.

Moon God Sin Insignia.jpg Insignia of the Moon God ‘Sin’ of Haran. Notice the crossed-legged posture akin to yogic semi-Padmasana of Shiva, the crescent moon and the winged-bulls which were the vehicles of the moon-god ‘Sin’.

Mesopotamian Civilisation Map.jpg Mesopotamian Civilisation Map.

The Sanatana Dharma civilisation, as distinct from the Sarasvati Valley civilisation has been dated as the oldest in the world.

This coupled with the existence of Super Continents and reference to this by Tamil ,another ancient Language of India, the date of which is as old as Sanatana Dharama, had spurred me to dig deep into the subject.

Based on this, it transpires that a Group from South India, the Dravida desa, left the South because of a Tsunami (referred to by the Puranas…

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