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How Indian History Was Distorted, The First History Of India

How Indian History Was Distorted, The First History Of India


British rule of India has made Indians doubt their own culture, civilisation.

Seemingly well qualified scientists and others dismiss India’s rich culture, History and the icons of India, Rama, Krishna,Shiva, despite being presented with astronomical archeological evidence.

Such is the entrenched misinformation by the British in their about 350  years of Rule of India.

If one were to look for information on India and Hinduism, references pop up written by Western Authors, most of them self-proclaimed Missionaries, starting from Robert De Nobili of Tamil Nadu, Bishop Caldwell, Max Mueller, right to our secular educated Indians.

Ancient India.jpg Bharatvarsha.

Indian sources do not get any importance at all nor were they available in one place.

You find only westwern authors books as ‘Auhentic source”

Just who stated this whole business of rewriting Indian Histroy?

And who wrote this First Indian History ?

It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, ‘History…

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