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Correcting Indian History ‘Historical Madness’?

Correcting Indian History ‘Historical Madness’?

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Followers of this blog may be aware that I post articles on Hinduism the West Christened Hinduism, that are facts and verified,

Be it the Date of Rama, Krishna , The Vedas,Knowledge which is contained in Hindu texts that are proved by the modern Science.

I do not hesitate to write on Hindu inaccuracies also.

Ancient education system of India.jpg Ancinet system of Education, India.

I have come across two prominently displayed articles in the Deccan Herald dated 11 January, where the main focus seems to incite fear among the Public that the proposed correction, I am not sure whether this would actually happen, though I wish ,it does), of Indian History as we know is ‘Saffronising’ Indian Education’

It is Historical Madness.

“Unlike Nehru’s India as a nation of syncretised culture (ex: “unity in diversity”), the rightist or militant Hindutva idea of new India is based on a known rhetoric of Hindu (or Aryan)…

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