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No Lord Krishna temple demolished: Pakistan Hindu Council

No Lord Krishna temple demolished: Pakistan Hindu Council

Swami Narayan Mandir,Pakistan

Karachi : A Hindu organisation in Pakistan today said there were land disputes in some of the temples here, but denied that any shrine of Lord Krishna had been demolished in the county’s financial hub.

“There is a problem of land occupation with some temples particularly with the Swami Narayan temple located around M.A. Jinnah road but otherwise there has been no case of temple demolition,” said Dr Ramesh Kumar, the Patron of Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC).

Kumar and General-Secretary of PHC Hari Motwani denied any knowledge of a temple being demolished in the city.

“If something like this happened we would know about it and we would not keep quiet about it,” Kumar told PTI.

He said a portion of the land on which Swami Narayan temple was built, dating back to 150 years, was occupied by transporters who used the land to park their vehicles and as a garage.

“We are constantly in touch with the relevant authorities and also with the Evacuee Board on this issue,” he said.

An Indian news channel reported today that a Lord Krishna temple had been demolished in Karachi and its 20 acres land occupied by a nationalist party of Sindh.

However, the Chairman of the Evacuee board, Ahmed Hashmi, denied it.

“There is a Krishna Mandir in frère town and it is used by Hindus for their religious rites. There is a small problem over a boundary wall and nothing more,” he said.

Motwani said the problems of land occupation often took place as all temples were looked after by the Hindu council while the evacuee board also claimed control over them.

He said the Hindu Council had asked the authorities in Defence Ministry to allot a plot to the council so that they could build a Gurdwara and Mandir there.


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