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Bhojeshwar Temple

Bhojeshwar Temple

Next day I headed for Bhojeshwar temple at Bhojpur district. I did not expect much to be left of an 11th century temple weathered through centuries of turmoils. But, I was wrong.

Bhojeshwar temple is the temple of Lord Shiva constructed by the legendary Parmar King of Dhar, Raja Bhoj (1010-1053). Bhojpur, the ancient name of Bhopal came from this mighty king who was a great admirer of art and science, apart from being a worthy ruler and great worrier. The king could not complete the construction of the temple due to his death in the battlefield while defending his kingdom from the Chalukyas combined with Lakshmi-Karna of the Kalachuri dynasty. Still the awe inspiring structure of the dream temple of a great visionary compels us to look back at our glorious past. Its great stone blocks encompass a doorframe, which towers ten meters high and five meters wide. Four titanic pillars, richly carved, rise to support an incomplete dome. The high noon sun lances through the dome, illuminates a massive pedestal made of three stepped blocks of sandstone, seven meters square. An iron ladder ascends this huge pedestal to reach the uppermost platform, directly beneath the high roof, open to the sky. Dominating this platform and the great brooding temple is a magnificent lingam more than five meters high and over two meters in circumference. Deity is still worshiped everyday; priest performing the puja befits the ancient temple.



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