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Veer Rani Velu Nachiar Valiant

Veer Rani Velu Nachiar Valiant Queen who regained her Kingdom from the British. First human bomb in the 18 century ! 60 years before the first war of independence in 1857 ! Women army wing called Udayal was formed by the queen named after her adopted daughter who died fighting the british
Velu Nachiyar was married to the second raja of Sivaganga, Muthu Vaduganatha Thevar, who was killed in 1772 by the combined forces of the Nawab of Arcot and the East India Company. She escaped and after 8 years , defeated the person who killed her husband Joseph Smith !
Ruled for 10 years ! One of the few who regained her kingdom from the british !

Human Bomb : Kuyili , doused herself with and blew the british armament store house ! Many folk songs praise her and a memorial planned .
Maruthu Brothers : Helped as capable commanders and ruled Sivaganga . They declared independence from the british but were horribly hanged !
Exact date of this valiant queen’s death is not known .Some claim today is her anniversary ! 31 December 2008 a commemorative postage stamp on her was released! ( Please see the pictures !

Murali Reddy's photo.
Murali Reddy's photo.
Murali Reddy's photo.
Murali Reddy's photo.
Murali Reddy's photo.
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