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Kings List India By Puranas Validated

Kings List India By Puranas Validated

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Indians believe the Timeline of India’s History as explained by William Jones and his followers, though their theory on the dates assigned to events and persons have been proved to be incorrect by many references and most importantly by archeology.

If one were to mistrust the Hindu scriptures, the Nastika System of jainism which denies the authorit of the Vedas, has provided informationwhich tallies with the timeline and events portayed by the Puranas.

Secondly the Archeological finds dispprove the dates assined by William Jones and others and show that the events and people had happened/lived much before the dates indicated by them

Our history textbooks tell us that Magadha (not Ayodhya) was one of India’s first kingdoms and that Buddha and Mahavira were contemporaries who lived in/ around Magadha around 600 BCE. However, when we visit the sites of India’s so-called earliest centres of civilization (e.g., Sarnath where the…

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