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Dear Friends,
As it is known to you that Sunbeam Schools Group, Varanasi has adopted Assi Ghat and has taken a vow to bring the Ghat back to its original heritage status.
Keeping our vow, with cooperation of you all, in last 2.5 months we have removed all the soil and silt and other garbage that had become rock solid on the Ghat over last 20-25 years..!!!
With the help of machines and human effort, by strong conviction to the pious cause, we have been successful in our mission so far.
Tomorrow, 30th of November, 2014, by 11am, we wish to dedicate the renewed and renovated Ghat to the citizens of Kashi…!
Hundreds of students from all schools of Sunbeam will be reaching the Ghat for ‘kar seva’ to remove the last patch of silts from the last platform of the Ghat. We will place lots of dustbins, beutifully colored iron benches and some traditional chowkis at the Ghat for use of common public.
It is sure that all the thousands of foreign tourists and visitors from all over the country, who visit the Ghat throughout the year, will go back with a beutiful and clean impression of the Ghat now !
Your presence / participation in the event will certainly inspire others to keep Kashi clean forever !


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