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A search team in the time of Lord Rama had gone to IRAQ- IRAN for search of SITA
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When Sita was held in captive, four vanara brigades were readied to be sent out in four different directions for the search of ‘Goddess’ Sita
The search-party is given a route-map by Sugreeva the vanara chief, which leads them right up to what was known as the Asta Mountain

Sage Valmiki traces the route of the vanaras going in the western direction. An easily identifiable location that he mentions in the Ramayana is the geographical point where the Sindhu, that is the Indus falls into the Arabian Sea. That would be close to present day Karachi

During the course vanaras are told that they will come across in succession ,many mountain peaks which are named as Varaha, Meghavanta and finally Meru. These appear to be mountain peaks of the Zagros range, located across the Arabian Sea in Iran, extending to Iraq.

Valmiki also mentions a city by the name of Pragjyotisha. If we assume that the sea-levels during the Ramayana era were higher than they are today many of the mountains of the Zagros range in Iran would be water-logged.
India ruled the whole world before 7000 BC


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