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Modi puts border before business


Modi puts border before business

Modi puts border before business: Straight-talking PM raises simmering LAC row in three-hour meeting with China’s President Xi.

Government sources said India’s top leadership raised the border issue with Xi at least three times. Modi brought up the matter after a private dinner in Ahmedabad on Wednesday night, and again during one-to-one talks at Hyderabad House on Thursday, while External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj discussed it when she called on Xi on Thursday morning.

By late on Wednesday, Chinese troops were reported as having moved back from the Chumar flashpoint, but there was no similar word about the Demchok intrusion.

Modi told Xi in “unambiguous and unequivocal terms” that the impasse on the border has to be resolved, sources said.

The Prime Minister said that at a time when the world community was talking about an Asian Century and looking to India and China for solutions, the two countries could not allow their ties to be hit by the border issue, the sources said.

A “disproportionate amount of time” was spent discussing the border issue, a source said.



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