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Hanuman Shifts Sanjeevi Parvatha Right To Left Temple

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Struck by the Astra of Indrajit, son of Ravana, Lakshmana fainted.

On the advice of Sage Agastya, Hanuman flew and brought the Sanjeevi Parvatha, unable to find a particular herb to the battle field in Sri Lanka.

While bringing it, he had to pass through temple of Lord Venkateswara.

He wanted to worship the Lord.

As a mark of respect, he shifted the Sanjeevi parvatha from his left hand to the right.

As Hanuman did not keep the mountain down, the place is called  ‘place where the mountain was not kept’ திருமலை வையாவூர்.

The Prasanna Venkatesa Temple is 70 km from Chennai and 18 km from Chengalpattu.

Nearest Railway station.Chennai, Chengalpattu.

Bus Station.Chengalpattu.

While traveling from Chennai, after crossing Chengalpattu, one can find Padaalam Cross Road (Koot Road) from where a road goes off GST Road on the right side. This road leads to Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor.

Airport. Chennai.

Buses are…

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