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Vedic Vimanas

Vedic Vimanas

Vaimanika Shastra is described in Sanskrit in 100 sections, eight chapters, 500 principles and 3000 slokas including 32 techniques to fly an aircraft.

Shivkur Bapuji Talpade was the first person to fly a first unmanned flying
saucer 8 years prior to wright brothers based on advanced Vedic Mercury ion plasma Technology which could fly in all directions. This event was witnessed by 3000 people in 1895.

This feat was witnessed by more than three thousand people including Britishers at Chowpatty beach in 1895,

The airplane was aloft at nearly 200 metres height and was airborne for 18 minutes.

Vedic Vimanas or flying saucers used mercury vortex ion engines. The ion engine was first demonstrated by German-born NASA scientist Ernst Stuhlinger.

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