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Accept Hinduism To Convert Hindus, Christianity

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If you want to defeat some one whom you think is your enemy, join the enemy, become one with him follow his customs.

All this to win him over.

Christians wanted to convert non Christians.

The term used for this shameless act of converting others is Evangelism, as if there are no Angels anywhere.

The Jesuits came against a brick wall in Hinduism with its sound philosophy and way of Life.

Nazraney Sthambams.jimage.jpg. Nazraney Sthambams

The had no clue to convert  Hindus .

The tactics that worked elsewhere did not help them.

The sought the help of the Holy See.

The received instructions to become one with the Hindus b adopting their customs including Upaveeda.

These are called Malabar Rites.

Read the History from The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Malabar Rites.

A conventional term for certain customs or practices of the natives of South India, which the Jesuitmissionaries allowed their neophytes to…

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